When it comes to Aluminum Scaffolding Accessories, trust us! We have all you need at “PAK SCAFFOLDING”! We carry everything from Aluminum Caster Wheel, Aluminum Platforms, Aluminum Braces, Aluminum Jacks, Aluminum Base Plate, Aluminum Frames, Aluminum Guardrail Frames. In order to enhance the features of the Aluminum scaffolding, you should have these accessories in your design tool box.

We have a complete line of scaffolding accessories for sale and strive to provide all the tools which can be used for the proper functioning of Aluminum scaffolding products. Accessories help make a range of jobs so much easier, scaffolding more mobile, and make certain aspects of the job safer.

Our range of scaffolding accessories are manufactured using carefully chosen materials and includes scaffold jacks, scaffold caster wheels, scaffold pins and clips, scaffolding cross brace, side/end brackets, internal stairs, ladders, and accessories and also provide Aluminium racking solutions.

Aluminum Caster Wheel

Aluminum Jacks

Aluminum Platforms

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Aluminum Frames

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